In one of the most deprived regions in New Delhi, India, a project has emerged to bring hope to almost 200 children. The Good News Center school aims to contribute to the education of children between the ages of 4 to 10 years. This school provides a healthy environment and helps keep children away from the dangerous streets of New Delhi. The coordinators of this project are Esther and Jismiel Kumar.


Project's Coordenador Family



Project’s name: Good News Centre India

Place: Kirby Place community - New Delhi, India.

Period: Permanent.

Goal: Maintain the preschool.

Projects objectives:

  • Taking the kids from streets or from traffic lights, creating a schooling environment for them and inducting them to mainstream education, ensuring at least one nutritious meal for the children per day. Besides this, we also provide free books, stationeries and uniforms for each student.  Also, we identify the mothers of those children and teach them a life skill, thereby helping in the holistic development of the family. 

  • Our project also provides free clean drinking water for the community. 

The target audience: Kids from low income families.

Reach: 80 kids. 

Maintenance project: US$ 3200 per month.
Sponsor a child: US$ 40 per month.

There are kids who live in one of India's vast slum areas who, for various reasons - abuse, living on the streets, abandonment, trying to earn money for food - have not been attending regular school and so they fall behind. Without getting an education, they are destined for a life of poverty and susceptible to trafficking and drugs.

Good News Centre help break the cycle of poverty and give these kids a second chance to succeed in life! It provides free meals, backpacks, uniforms, and school supplies, as well as free education. The teachers work with the kids to raise their knowledge and skill level in order for them to be eligible to join a regular school. At that point, they also assist the child to transition into a regular school. These kids then have the opportunity to pursue higher education and good-paying jobs, thus escaping the slums, improving their lives, their families, and ultimately their communities.