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💖 Children Helping Children 🙌

THEM Foundation would like to encourage kids in the U.S. to help other kids from different countries that are in need.


Our goal is offer them the opportunity to be generous and join in with others in giving to children, who have nothing.


The kids (through their parents), organizations, churches and schools can make a “Piggy Bank” to offer any amount possible. Below are some models to inspire you.


Follow the steps below to make your piggy bank reach Them Foundation:

1. Make your piggy bank (below are some really good examples to inspire you!).

2. Download here and print the cover for your piggy bank. You can print on a sheet and paste in the piggy bank or print directly on stickers.

3. Please send your piggy bank by 12/20 so that we can transfer your donation to the children by Christmas

A) If you are resident of the USA, and you are in the Florida, you can send or deliver directly to our office:

THEM Foundation - 2295 S Hiawassee Rd #104 - Orlando, FL - 32835

Please schedule the delivery via email with Alexandre (

B) If you live in other regions of the US or in other countries, you can donate directly through:

- PayPal
- via Zelle app (Zelle phone +1 (817)5015488)
- Send a check to Them Foundation at the address: THEM Foundation - 2295 S Hiawassee Rd #104 Orlando, FL - 32835


4. After the gift sent to THEM Foundation, we will send a special Certificate to the kids to show our appreciation for their generous hearts.

If you also want to embrace this idea, it will be very nice to do it with your child and all your family.


You can make a piggy bank together. You can get one of these stickers to print.


These stickers have the pictures of the kids we helped and you can paste these stickers on your piggy bank and every time you put a coin, you will see the kids that the Them Foundation helps and the child you want to donate your money for.


Enjoy this end of the year and make your piggy bank to teach your child the true purpose of donating and saving.

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Some examples of piggy banks to inspire you

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